NSW Tenancy Compliance Packages

    Smoke Alarm Compliance only Complete Compliance Complete Compliance + Water Efficiency
      $89inc GST per year $109inc GST per year $149inc GST per year
    Smoke Alarm Compliance
    Replace all faulty or expired smoke alarms
    Multiple test for sound, location/ placement, damage
    Replace smoke alarm batteries when required
    Replace smoke alarm batteries free of charge at change of tenant
    No Emergency callout fee
    Compliance certificate and audit report showing in detail work done including photos of smoke alarms
    Blind Compliance
    All window covers inspected
    Window clips (cleats) for corded window coverings installed (no extra charges per window cleat or window, unlike other companies*)
    Excess or non-compliant cords removed or secured
    Safety Switch Testing
    Manually trip RCD to ensure its working correctly
    Report any faults to Real Estate Agent for rectification
    In the event of an RCD fault, after being rectified, we will go out and retest. (no hidden fee for extra call out.)
    Air Conditioner Filter Cleaning
    Comprehensive dusting of split system and ducted air conditioner intake filters. (does not include evaporative units)
    Water Efficiency Testing
    Check flow of all internal cold water taps
    Check flow rate of shower heads
    Check for leaking taps

    All of the above tested at all tenancy changes
    Tax-deductible fee

    NSW Legislation

    Smoke Alarm Compliance

    The NSW Legislative Standards require Landlords of all residential tenancy & holiday rental accommodation properties ensure an Annual Smoke Alarm Compliance Service, Inspection & Test is conducted. This legally required compliance test MUST include;

    • Correct placement, location & number of smoke alarms
    • All smoke alarms are not past expiry date (10 years from date of manufacture)
    • Alarms tested annually
    • Alarms have a decibel reading greater than 85
    • New batteries installed every 12 months & with change of tenancy
    • A Compliance Certificate/Report is issued annually

    Blind Safety Compliance

    Landlords throughout Australia have a duty of care to their tenants. One of these duties is to ensure that the residence is free from harm. There are mandatory safety requirements for window coverings.

    Window coverings such as curtains, shades and blinds with cords and chains can cause injury and death to young children and babies if they become wrapped around their necks. Strangulation can occur when cords are too long or end in a loop:

    Competition And Consumer (corded Internal Window Coverings) Safety Standard 2014.

    A corded internal window covering must be installed in such a way that a loose cord cannot form a loop 220 mm or longer, at less than 1,600 mm above floor level.

    No part of a cord guide may be installed lower than 1,600 mm above floor level unless the cord guide will remain firmly attached to a wall or other structure specified in the installation instructions when subjected to a tension force of 70 N applied in any direction for 10 seconds; and the cord is sufficiently secured or tensioned to prevent the formation of a loop 220 mm or longer. A cleat used to secure a cord must be installed at least 1,600 mm above floor level.

    Safety Switches

    In NSW Safety Switches are not mandatory for existing properties to have safety switches installed, however as a risk management and safety measure, it is highly recommended that all homes have a working safety switch. It is however mandatory in all new buildings and must be added if extensions or alterations are made to an existing building. In Qld and Victoria it is mandatory for all rental properties to have Safety Switches installed and NSW should follow suit. In some states & Territories it is mandatory to have them installed prior to selling or leasing a property.

    Water Efficiency Testing

    Due to changes in the NSW Residential Tenancy Laws, all landlords who wish to pass on any water usage bills to tenants, must have water separately metered AND now have the water efficiency tested and passed at every tenancy change on their investment property. inspect and test all taps with water efficiency devices to check that they meet minimum required standards in NSW. For your property to meet these requirements all taps must be checked for leaks & flow rating.