About BCMC

Supporting the real estate industry in Australia with residential safety and compliance solutions

BCMC Safety Solutions is a professional safety & compliance company that deals exclusively with the Real Estate Industry. We specialise in the installation and maintenance of residential safety solutions.

BCMC is all about making agents lives easier and tenants lives safer. We implement a smoke alarm & safety compliance program for real estate offices all throughout Australia. We work with these offices to maintain smoke alarm compliance and safety standards, to ensure that properties are safe and compliant with the relevant legislation.

BCMC Safety Solutions

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide a responsible, comprehensive and excellent
service which is structured with the occupant’s safety as our number one goal, while protecting managing agents and landlords from possible litigation.

Our Work

Safety is our number one goal. Our professionalism and technology is at the
forefront of our organisation. We ensure that all services will be carried out
professionally and in compliance with all relevant legislation.

Did you know?

If a property does not comply with Smoke Alarm Legislation & Regulations
the insurers have the right to deny cover in the event of a fire, particularly if the
fire results in injury or death of the occupants. This is also true for electrical
incidents as a result of a RCD failure, or injuries sustained from non-compliant blinds & curtains.

“On average 21 deaths occur in NSW house fires, with 30-50% of
those deemed avoidable if there was a working compliant smoke alarm”
- Fire & Rescue NSW.



No off shore call center. Our own people will schedule appointments with your tenants


Photo report of every job, ensuring job completion (not just a certificate)


24/7 Online Agent Portal – access to all property, service, occupant & invoice info at all times


Fully identifiable & trained technicians


Annual agency safety health check – to ensure the highest level of safety across the entire rent roll


Dedicated agent support phone line

Strata Fire Safety Statements and Smoke Alarm Compliance Certificates

Strata Management/Fire Statements

Only 80% of the building needs to be tested compliant to pass a
Fire Safety Statement. This leaves 20% of the building non tested and potentially unsafe. A Smoke Alarm Compliance Certificate is not issued for each individual apartment therefore it is not sufficient or comprehensive enough to meet residential tenancy legislation & regulations.

Working smoke alarms for safety in house fires


144 deaths occurred in house fires across NSW between 2000 and 2005. Based on NSWFB Fire and Investigation and a research unit case study, one third to half of those fatalities may have been prevented if the homes had working smoke alarms and had practiced a home escape plan.